ESIOS Electricity.

Real-time economic and reliable management of Spain's power system.

This platform enables real-time management of Spain's power system, including market data exchange, transparent interactions with market participants, coordination with neighbouring operators, historical data storage, and oversight of the Electricity Control Centre and Power Measurement Information System (SIMEL).

A quick overview of the state of the Spanish electricity system.

ESIOS Electricity.

Powering for renewable energy.

The e·sios platform from Red Eléctrica has been instrumental in enabling Spain's power system to achieve a remarkable milestone: it played a pivotal role in facilitating the country's transition to over 50% renewable energy consumption on certain days, demonstrating its crucial role in managing and optimizing the integration of renewable sources into the grid.

Operational alignment 

Communicates with various market stakeholders, to ensure reliant energy.

Publish results 

From the market so that stakeholders can act accordingly.

Data storage  

Data as it enters the system, as well as processes in historical database.

Developing the e·sios platform.

The brief.

Red Electrica de España, the operator of the energy grid in Spain, commissioned us to help them visualise their real-time data on power generation and usage transparently. They needed a platform to help them meet regulatory requirements, enhance transparency in the electricity market, support informed decision-making, and improve the management of Spain's electricity grid. To do this, e·sios provides real-time and historical data on electricity system operations.

Our role.

We developed an interactive open data platform that gives the public unprecedented access to real-time information concerning Spain's energy grid, featuring numerous indicators, some of which update every 10 minutes. Our role encompassed designing an effective system for organizing and presenting these indicators to facilitate their discovery, analysis, and comprehension. The application catered to two distinct user groups: technical experts requiring precise details on forecasts, current and historical usage, and comparative analysis of different indicators; and the general public, for whom we created accessible, interactive summary visualizations (served through widgets) on landing pages to swiftly convey the energy grid's status and engage users.

Delivered with impact.

Prioritizing user experience. 

We applied modern design principles and innovative software development techniques to create an intuitive, high-performance solution that progressively presents data through interactive graphs. These graphs captivate user engagement, enhancing their learning experience. By leveraging advanced HTML 5.0, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies, we crafted a mobile-optimized front end that facilitates seamless data visualization across various devices. Collaborating closely with Red Electrica's team, we designed a robust, secure, cloud-based back-end application to store and serve data through APIs, ensuring real-time updates for the displayed information.


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