Resilience Atlas.

An interactive tool to understand environmental stressors.

Working with Conservation International, one of the largest environmental NGOs in the world, we built an interactive tool that provides users with a deep understanding of the resilience of specific systems (like livestock or agriculture) to changes in a range of parameters, such as precipitation, temperature or population. By using a combination of different javascript frameworks – like Leaflet and D3 – to create the interface, you can quickly and easily generate custom maps to share with the world. Finished with love by our expert engineers, the application achieves high performance, superb detail and ease of use.

A key challenge was working out how to visualise more than 12 terabytes of data in a way that a range of key users could comprehend, analyse and share with the world. We took time to deeply understand the data and experimented with new patterns of design that would empower every user to uncover the incredible resilience stories in the data. Take a look now and see for yourself!

Start your journey.

To illustrate some of the most important stories across the world we’ve collected together map layers, pictures and stories into compelling journeys. Quickly assess the livelihoods at stake, the stresses and shocks that affect those livelihoods and the vulnerabilities that could undermine them.

Then dig deeper

Throughout each journey you can choose to look at the data on the map. With a wide range of indicators to choose from, you can dig even deeper and see how the possession of different assets improves resilience, or which shocks an area is most at risk from. Once you’ve found the data you want, you can find out where the data came from, download it for further analysis, or share it with your networks.

Transform data and maps into stories.

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