Informing and connecting the global restoration movement.

Restor aims to restore Earth’s biodiversity by providing data and tools that make monitoring restoration projects easier, developing strategies, and sharing outcomes with other practitioners and the public.

Making it easier for everyone, everywhere, to restore Earth’s biodiversity.


An award-winning initiative.

Restor was awarded two Anthem Awards, from the Webby Awards, in the Sustainability, Environment, & Climate category for its innovative approach to restoration.

About more than trees.

Restor promotes meadow regrowth, grassland protection, and agroforestry.

A global movement. 

Restor unites 1,000 organizations in 140 countries across 130,000 sites.

A worthy investment.

Reduces emissions, preserves biodiversity, enhances food security and well-being, and preserves local farming knowledge.

Developing Restor.

The brief.

Deforestation, deterioration, and degradation of natural landscapes harm biodiversity and contribute to climate change. Restoration and conservation can reverse the damage, but the scientific data and tools that inform sustainable restoration strategies are not always readily available. Restor, a platform founded by Crowther Lab and supported by Google, aims to change that. 

Restor has selected the best global data sets available, including some that are developed by the Crowther Lab. High-res satellite imagery, global land cover, species distribution and richness, current and potential soil carbon, and more are all available in the first iteration of Restor. 

Our role.

We collaborated with Restor to enhance their existing prototype and get the platform ready for launch. Beyond establishing a solid foundation for improved stability and performance, we also facilitated the platform's growth by incorporating more content and enabling localization in multiple languages. Our efforts extended to refining key features such as site profiles, making them more appealing and user-friendly. With these foundations, the Restor team has been able to continue modifying the platform to meet their needs. We take pride in our contribution to shaping Restor's inaugural platform and are pleased that our efforts facilitated their successful pursuit of additional funding.

Delivered with impact.

Built for growth.

A core goal of ours was to set up infrastructure that ensured the platform's future growth is stable and sustainable. When we joined, the prototype was limited to supporting only 100 sites on the map, with a need for 50,000. We optimized the data and reduced its loading time by batching and clustering the pins. This improved the map’s performance, created a more seamless user experience, and ensured the ability to grow. There are now 130,000 sites.

Evolution of the Web.

A digital story of innovation.

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