Informing and connecting the global restoration movement.

Deforestation, deterioration, and degradation of natural landscapes are harming biodiversity and contributing to climate change. Restoration and conservation can reverse the damage, but the scientific data and tools that inform sustainable restoration strategies are not always readily available. Restor, a platform founded by Crowther Lab and supported by Google, aims to change that. 

Restor’s purpose is to restore Earth’s biodiversity and make it easier for everyone, everywhere to restore Earth’s biodiversity. They aim to do this by providing the data and tools that make it easier to monitor restoration projects, develop strategies, and share outcomes with other practitioners and the public. 

We worked with Restor to prepare the platform for launch. We made improvements to the user interface, designed and built new features, and set up infrastructure to ensure the platform’s future growth is stable and sustainable.

Investing in restoration projects makes environmental and economic sense. Restoring or protecting land can help reduce carbon emissions, prevent further biodiversity loss, improve air and water quality, and regulate temperatures. The social benefits include improved food security and human well-being, and the preservation of indigenous and local farming knowledge.

There's more to restoration than planting trees.

Leaving meadows to regrow, protecting grasslands from development, or setting up an agroforestry system are all approaches to restoration. Restor invites every kind of restoration project to join their collaborative network and share their progress.

The best available data for restoration.

Restor has selected the best global data sets available, including some that are developed by the Crowther Lab. High-res satellite imagery, global land cover, species distribution and richness, current and potential soil carbon, and more are all available in the first iteration of Restor.

What you can do with Restor.

Draw a polygon around your site of interest to get local insights.

Create an account to save your polygon and monitor change over time.

Share your projects to show progress and share with others doing similar work.

Celebrating Restor beta launch.

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