Expert advisory for maximizing natural capital. will be a tool to help landowners and companies to evaluate the viability of their land for implementing impactful carbon sequestration projects. Navigating the realm of nature-based solutions can seem overwhelming, which is why wants to follow a comprehensive approach that covers everything from diagnostics to securing funding. The aim is to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to maximize their land assets and contribute to decarbonizing their businesses.

End-to-end support for effective carbon sequestration projects.

Balancing carbon budget.

Mitigating the effects of climate change and maintaining a stable global climate depends heavily on our carbon dynamics. Through, EGIS is taking proactive steps to address this challenge. Many businesses have already joined them in the journey towards a more sustainable future.

Degraded Land Reimagined. 

Over 1,000 billion hectares of land worldwide are currently degraded. We can harness their potential to absorb carbon and combat climate change by revitalizing these lands.


Approximately 40 billion tonnes of CO2 are released globally each year. Carbon sequestration projects play a crucial role in counteracting this trend.

Soil health. 

Healthy soils can store more water, reduce erosion, and support diverse ecosystems. Focusing on carbon sequestration fosters sustainable land management practices and resilient ecosystems for future generations.

Advising the platform.

The brief.

EGIS, a leading global consulting firm focusing on sustainability, has collaborated with Vizzuality to develop, an initiative to enable informed decisions on carbon sequestration and sustainable land use. will serve as a centralized environment for stakeholders, facilitating data collection, diagnostics, decision-making, and project support to drive effective carbon sequestration initiatives.Vizzuality was involved in shaping the vision, particularly focusing on the development of its diagnostic tool functionality.

Our role.

The Vizzuality team offered scientific and technical guidance to ensure the creation of a Minimum Viable Product that would be both impactful and feasible. 

Our approach was informed by a comprehensive analysis that drew insights from multiple sources, including documents shared by, collaborative sessions with the team, and our own expertise in similar projects. This collaborative effort allowed us to provide informed recommendations that were tailored to the project's objectives and requirements. By merging our technical insights with's vision, we aimed to lay the groundwork for a tool that holds the potential to drive positive change in the realm of carbon sequestration and environmental sustainability.

Delivered with impact.

Covering Every Angle.

In this collaborative journey with Egis, we delved into the intricate world of carbon sequestration. We assessed the viability of a diagnostic tool that could be meaningful and reliable. Through in-depth consultations, collaborative work sessions and our internal scientific expertise we produced a detailed technical report that facilitates the platform's long-term development.

Guiding hands for sustainable impact 

  • Holistic approach to land revitalization, addressing both the pressing challenges of climate change and the long-term benefits of healthy, resilient ecosystems.

Advanced Data Visualization for Impactful Digital Content.

A supported initiative in advanced visualization.

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