TOTA Tourism Data Platform.

Empowering sustainable tourism in Canada.

Partnering with TOTA, we developed a digital platform to harness the rich tourism data of several regions in Canada. Merging clarity with functionality, the solution boosts informed decision-making and strengthens sustainable tourism efforts.

A unified lens for sustainable tourism strategies.

TOTA Tourism Data Platform.

Shaping tomorrow's tourism.

Tourism development is a key economic driver in many regions. The TOTA Tourism Data Platform steers stakeholders towards more sustainable practices, potentially reducing environmental impact and fostering inclusivity in the long run.

Great power, great responsibility.

The World Travel & Tourism Council estimated that in 2019, travel and tourism accounted for 10.4% of global GDP.

Multilayer impact.

Given tourism's economic, social, and environmental ramifications, the call for sustainable practices in the industry has never been more urgent.

Central hub.

From the majestic terrains of British Columbia to the coastal beauty of Vancouver Island, the platform represents 7 regions allowing a perfect view over Canada’s diverse tourism tapestry.

Developing the TOTA tourism data platform.

The brief.

The Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA), rooted in promoting British Columbia's vibrant tourism sector, envisioned a platform to centralize and amplify regional tourism data. This platform aims to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive view of informed decision-making, ensuring both environmental stewardship and economic growth.

Our role.

Vizzuality took the helm on the platform's design and development phases. Focusing on user-centricity, we built an interface that seamlessly integrated vast and varied data sources, ensuring easy access and interpretation. Our primary mission: to transform complex datasets into a unified, actionable tool that champions sustainable tourism across Canadian regions.

Delivered with impact.

Shared vision, seamless execution.

Every project we undertake at Vizzuality has a deeper purpose, and the TOTA tourism data platform is no exception. While our technical journey with TOTA was smooth, our shared passion for sustainable strategies truly made this collaboration special and in tune with what we stand for.

Pillars of impact

  • Seamless consolidation of varied tourism data sources from multiple Canadian regions.
  • A precise digital interface that elevates informed decision-making, inspiring sustainable tourism initiatives throughout the region. 

Climate Inequality.

Climate action and equality.

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