Wildlife Insights.

Capturing the power of AI for wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Insights revolutionizes wildlife conservation by fusing big data and artificial intelligence. This open-access platform automates species identification within camera trap images, expediting data analysis and enabling swift, informed decision-making for conservationists and experts worldwide.

Recovery of global wildlife populations through timely and informed monitoring.

Wildlife Insights.

Digital innovation for conservation.

Wildlife Insights uses cutting-edge technology to reshape wildlife conservation. By integrating data and AI, the platform speeds up data analysis coming from millions of camera trap images, guides strategic actions, and fosters collaborative efforts in safeguarding endangered species and ecosystems.

Big data and AI 

With a repository of over 34 million camera trap images, Wildlife Insights uses AI-powered species identification to accurately recognize more than 3,000 species spread throughout 95 countries.


Users have reported an up to 80% time reduction in image processing and reviewing, enhancing their efficiency in driving conservation efforts.


Trusted by over 600 organizations, it facilitates cross-sector cooperation, knowledge sharing, and resource exchange, amplifying the impact of conservation efforts.

Developing Wildlife Insights.

The brief.

Wildlife Insights, a collaborative initiative involving partners like Conservation International, entrusted Vizzuality to create a scalable platform capable of managing vast camera trap datasets. By combining field expertise, cutting-edge technology, and advanced analytics, Wildlife Insights enables global sharing of wildlife data, automates species identification, and empowers data-driven conservation action to recover global wildlife populations.

Our role.

To ensure the growth of Wildlife Insights, we undertook the challenge of building a solid backend foundation. Employing NestJS for the main API and deploying it on a Kubernetes cluster hosted on Google Cloud, we established the core infrastructure. Integrating Google Cloud technologies further elevated the platform's performance—leveraging Airflow for data analysis pipelines, Google's AI Platform for computer vision, and cloud functions for process delegation. This orchestrated ecosystem guarantees optimal performance as Wildlife Insights' vast dataset continues to expand, empowering data-driven conservation on a global scale.

Delivered with impact.

Elevating conservation possibilities.

Wildlife Insights demonstrates our dedication to data-driven choices and battling biodiversity decline through innovation at the intersection of technology and conservation. By using AI and cloud technologies to automate processes, analyze data, and extract insights from images, we pushed the boundaries of how technology can aid in understanding and preserving wildlife. The solid foundation and scalable architecture set the stage for the platform's growth and its ongoing contribution to global wildlife conservation efforts.

Big data insights for wildlife

  • Cloud-native infrastructure for optimal performance and scalability.
  • Common classes of species can be identified with an accuracy of between 80% and 98.6%.

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