Private Sector.

Connecting science, business and sustainability.

We use data-driven technology to help companies elevate sustainability in business, improve their triple bottom line, and drive impact beyond ESG reporting and compliance. Together, we can transform your business for the better.

Core Services.

Private Sector.

ESG Reporting & Compliance.
Comply with evolving sustainability regulations and industry standards by using comprehensive data.

Advisory services:

  • TNFD, SBTN, CDP, GRI, CSRD, EUDR, Green Claims Directive
  • Set and reach nature targets 
  • Assessment and mitigation
  • Nature-based due diligence
  • ESG for agri-supply chains; LandGriffon
Digital Storytelling.
Elevate your company's stakeholder engagement and strengthen your sustainability reputation.

Custom solutions:

  • Bespoke data visualisation
  • Human-centered design 
  • Sustainability communication 
  • Science and data-informed
  • Credible and honest narratives
Nature Data Science.
Enhance your corporate decision-making with simplified, actionable insights from complex environmental data.

Advisory services:

  • Nature and climate risk and impact
  • Methods and scientific research
  • GIS data engineering
  • Big data processing 
  • TNFD and SBTN pilots

Sustainability Management Software.
Achieve your sustainability goals by tracking strategies and KPIs with automated data tools.

Custom solutions:

  • Centralize information
  • Science-based digital tools
  • Big data platforms
  • Quantify impacts & automate calculations 
  • Data into actionable insights 

Hear from those we've worked with.

Yves Lesenfants
Sustainability & Inclusion Senior Specialist

"For the past 10 years, the IDB has used Vizzuality's services to design and innovate on various business platforms. It has always been a very good experience in terms of technical, innovation and project management. The most important thing is that all this is done with great care for aesthetics and usability."

Nanne Tolsma
Head of Client Relations

"It has been a pleasure working alongside Vizzuality providing sustainable supply chain solutions, transforming the industry. They have a great supportive team that delivers quality work."

John Nelson
Cartographer & UX Designer

"Thanks to the Half-Earth project and the wonderful team at Vizzuality for the fantastic experience of fun and collaborative cartography."

Supply chain sustainability with our product, LandGriffon.

Comply with ESG regulations and align with sustainability standards, improve supply chain traceability, calculate nature and climate risks and impacts, and assess strategies for decision-making.

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