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Photo of Andrea Rota
Andrea Rota. Software Engineer.

Andrea is an expert on infrastructure, APIs and data flows, helping us ensure that every one of our projects is built on a strong foundation. Before he joined our team, Andrea was managing web projects at the London School of Economics, teaching at King’s College London, and working as a consultant on data-driven web projects.

When he’s not busy developing new features, Andrea feeds his mild obsession with onboarding, reproducible data flows and computational agency. You’ll find him happily focused on writing “Getting Started” tutorials, or polishing scripts and Docker containers to make sure new users and developers can understand easily how things work and ultimately benefit from and enjoy the software projects we develop.

An interest in the pervasive role of computation in everyday life fueled Andrea’s academic studies: he obtained a PhD in Sociology with a dissertation focused on hackers, developers and users of free/open source and privacy-oriented alternatives to mainstream social media platforms.

Andrea’s favourite way to spend his downtime is with his young family. He feels he is learning way more from his two daughters in a short timespan than from too many years in academia and tinkering with bits.