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Mike Harfoot. Scientist.

As the Lead Ecosystem Scientist at the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Mike built an impressive portfolio in developing novel models and approaches to conserve biodiversity. He then joined Vizzuality to apply his knowledge and wide array of skills to help us develop stronger links to conservation and biodiversity science research. His goal is to identify new opportunities and expand Vizzuality’s skillset to meet them.

Mike was born and raised in the north of England which he left in pursuit of his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and his master’s in Computer Science at the University of Bristol. He rounded up his impressive academic credentials with a PhD in Biogeochemistry from the University of Cambridge.

A keen explorer and curious student of nature, Mike enjoys walking, mountaineering, climbing, surfing, sailing, kayaking, beekeeping and growing his own food. The biggest joy of his life comes from his two kids who he spends most of his free time with.