When in doubt, talk about water; everyone loves water.
Oscar Esbri. Scientist.

Oscar is a Scientist whose specialist subject is water. He applies his understanding of natural systems and interest in science communications to talk about complex processes in meaningful ways.

After studying historical changes in the shapes of streams in the Netherlands, Oscar switched from shapes to colours, to study changing lake water colour in Canada for his PhD. While there he became interested in the effects of changing environmental conditions for human communities, and began working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Western University in Canada. He studied the effects of global change on landscape carbon cycling and the consequences for lake ecosystems.

As you might expect from someone who’s spent so much time on the water, Oscar feels at home when he’s at the helm. When he’s not on the water, you’ll most likely find him crafting somewhere. Right now he’s learning how to screenprint and has plans to design prints that represent his research.