Adapting to change starts with challenging our own position
Santiago Ferrer. Project Manager.

For more than 25 years Santiago’s life was dedicated to music and entertainment. His palette of experiences ranges from DJing, writing and producing music, to promotion, artists and repertoire, and beyond. 

However, his strong urge to enable change for a more sustainable future led him to work in the supply chain and installation businesses. There he gained experience in defining objectives, scope and strategy of digital projects, and managing requirements and stakeholder’s expectations.

In his role as a Project Manager for Vizzuality, Santiago finds delight in challenging the current state of affairs to identify room for improvement and innovation. He is always looking for the best technical solutions that will fulfill the client’s needs and also contribute to making the world a better place.

He still spins records and makes music in his freetime, but also finds time for scuba diving, cycling, cooking, hiking, reading novels, watching movies and, of course, listening to music.