As everything changes all the time, just take it easy and don’t worry too much
Photo of Sebastian Bueno
Sebastian Bueno. People & Culture Coordinator.

From onboarding great teammates, to helping people grow and unleash their potential, Sebastian makes sure everyone has an amazing experience at Vizzuality. As our People and Culture Coordinator, Sebastian is cultivating our culture whilst ensuring everyone has everything they need to do their best work.

Sebastian has over 12 years experience of designing and implementing people initiatives for global, regional and local teams. He’s worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia, developing a brand of empathy that resonates with our international team. Sebastian embodies a unique hybrid of skills and qualifications, including organisational psychology, human-centered design, and project management.

Daily meditation, regular yoga, and tending to his plants helps keep Sebastian relaxed. He enjoys the simple things in life. While living in London he learned the saying “sharing is caring”, and practices this mantra by writing and publishing his own ideas on Employee Experience Design, Digital & People Transformation, and Modern Workplace Learning.