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Sergio Estella. Founder. CDO.

Sergio is Chief Designer Officer and founded Vizzuality with the goal of making beautiful data design a true driver of change and impact on people’s lives. His focused creative direction combined with a deep understanding of how humans communicate have made Vizzuality one of the most respected data visualization firms. Using his research into data visualization, information design and interface design, he sets the visual and interaction direction as well as user experience for our products.

Sergio has always been interested in design; he combined Interior Design studies with a Fine Arts degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid where he started designing his first interfaces. During his final year at University, Sergio started working as a web designer and art director more than 15 years ago.

Studying design at the Colchester Institute piqued his interest in interactive user experiences, information design and brand development and has been writing about that since the early 2000s. He recently studied an Information and Knowledge Society Masters at UOC, but his most recent work has been the production of beautiful visualizations, intuitive user experiences and help people to understand the massive amount of information flowing everywhere. He strongly thinks that we all can put our brick and help to improve the Planet and our lives.