There is almost nothing that cannot be learned with a little time and a spirit of self-improvement
Sofía Aldabet. Data Scientist.

Sofía contributes a vast swath of knowledge to Vizzuality’s projects as a scientist. With expertise in geography, environmental management, climatology, and GIS, she has the academic expertise but also the technical skills to translate scientific data into useful information that can effect positive change. 

Sofía’s source of energy in life is learning and growing, which is why she identified right away with the nature of Vizzuality’s approach to work as well as our different projects. This environment allows her to grow continuously, something that is very important to her.

Even when she is not working, Sofía regularly engages in activities that stimulate her growth as a person. Whether it is trying out new mindfulness techniques and sports such as kung fu and tai chi, reading books, or learning new languages, Sofía loves to challenge herself and face what’s outside her comfort zone. This is also true for her frequent travel where she really tries to immerse herself in local activities. She has lived in 4 different countries and 10 different cities and always made it a point to truly feel their essence.