Knowledge is freedom
A photo of Susana. She wears glasses.
Susana Romao. Project Manager.

Susana is passionate about correcting the injustices and inequalities in this world. Her belief that society can, and is, evolving into a fair and tolerant place has shaped her multifaceted career. From academia to nonprofits to Vizzuality, via bio-research and an MBA, her journey has sought out the places where she can create a positive impact. In her role as Project Manager, Susana is the link between us, the organisations we work with, and the people whose lives we want to change.

After living in six different countries, Susana describes herself as a patchwork of different cultures and tastes. Throughout her life, Susana has loved ballet. She did classical dance for 20 years, and even today she’s still moved by Tschaikowsky’s Giselle. Her favourite place in the world is any beautiful library, the perfect metaphor for her lifelong love of learning.