Soils Revealed.

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Digging deeper into soil's carbon dynamics.

Soil carbon holds immense potential as a natural climate solution, which can sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In Soils Revealed, we collaborated with TNC, ISRIC, Cornell, and Woodwell Climate to provide a platform that leverages the best available soil data, environmental information, and computer simulations to offer valuable insights for addressing climate change and advancing sustainable land management.

Unlocking climate action with soil carbon potential.

Soils Revealed.

Soil carbon superpower.

Soils Revealed empowers stakeholders to harness the transformative potential of soil carbon sequestration, fostering resilient ecosystems and mitigating climate change by unlocking nature's carbon capture capabilities.

Healthy soil, thriving planet.  

Soils lost 116 billion tons of organic carbon, impacting the atmosphere, productivity, and water retention. This highlights the urgent need for soil health restoration.

¼ of the solution.

Soil carbon, comprising 25% of natural climate solution potential - 23.8 Gt CO2eq/year - is a remarkable ally in the fight to mitigate carbon emissions.

Time travel. 

Learn from the past and project the future. Explore scenarios to envision the sustainable future we urgently need.

Developing Soils Revealed.

The brief.

We embarked on a mission with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to create a groundbreaking platform—Soils Revealed. Our collective goal was to bridge the gap between data-driven insights and actionable decisions for sustainable land management. Fueled by the urgency of addressing climate change, we set out to highlight the profound significance of soil organic carbon in mitigating its effects.

Our role.

Vizzuality played a significant role in advising TNC, from conceptualization to implementation, ensuring that the Soils Revealed platform met the vision of an engaging and impactful product. The landing page of Soils Revealed serves as more than just a digital space - it's a storytelling canvas that engages users and advocates for the restoration of soil carbon. By scrolling down, users dig deeper into the remarkable potential of soil in mitigating carbon emissions. The project's logo, meticulously constructed to symbolize layers of soil and the depth of understanding, serves as a visual reminder of the power of data-driven insights. Meanwhile, the base map, adorned with soil-toned hues, acts as the canvas upon which users explore the intricate world of soil carbon dynamics, reflecting the very substance the platform aims to reveal.

Delivered with impact.

Empowering sustainable land management.

Soils Revealed is a testament to the intersection of technology, storytelling, and sustainable action - showcasing our commitment to driving positive change. By providing accessible insights into soil organic carbon, the platform enables users to make decisions that have a tangible impact on climate change mitigation. Climate consultants and practitioners actively use Soils Revealed to better understand soil carbon dynamics in specific regions. By studying the fluctuations of soil carbon due to various land use practices, they acquire crucial insights that guide focused strategies for carbon sequestration and sustainable land management. 

A framework for transformation. 

  • Holistic insights into food production with a storytelling example, ensuring a deep understanding of the system and the framework.
  • While offering a global perspective, places a strong emphasis on local nuances. Designed with local growers and producers at its heart, it acknowledges their distinct challenges and expertise, and illuminates pathways to sustainable solutions.
  • Dynamic filters allow users to customize the map to their needs.

ReFED Insights Engine.

Reducing food waste.

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