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Ana profile against a rooftop background
Ana Montiaga. Engineer.

Ana is a Front-End Developer who finds joy in linking design, user experience and optimised functionality. With a keen eye for detail, she ensures the results are pixel perfect. Ana loves the challenge of transforming a complex interface into an excellent experience for the user. She knows that subtle details elevate a good platform into something people really enjoy using.

Ana’s attention to detail, and her understanding of what people enjoy, has evolved with her career path through fashion design, sociology, and marketing. With a strong belief in social justice, she’s worked for several non-profits. Ana was the Executive Coordinator of the Brazilian NGO Centro Humanitário de Apoio à Mulher (CHAME), which prevents the exploitation of women and children. There she rose to the challenge of building a website and found her flow state in programming; she can work for hours without noticing the time pass. Her love for learning means she’s never bored, as every day in engineering brings a new challenge. Passionate about integrating women into the tech job market, she later volunteered with Adalab as a job-search mentor for recent graduates.

When she’s not working, Ana enjoys quad skating, crochet and designing clothes and handmade silver jewellery.