Reading and understanding the present to better shape the future
Irene R Vara. Designer.

With two master’s degrees, one in architecture and one in city and technology, Irene has gained significant experience in urban planning, data analytics, data visualisation, city-related technologies, innovation and user-experience research and design..

As a freelancer, she developed a series of urban planning projects based on interactive real-time data that can be translated into responsive systems and metabolic organisations. Looking for a new challenge and longing to evolve further as a professional and person, she joined Vizzuality’s design team, where she develops projects that positively impact society. 

Irene loves to socialise in the Madrid sun with a few beers and sometimes with her fellow Vizz team after a big week of work. However, when she’s not surrounded by work and colleagues, you may find her skiing, biking or enjoying good music elsewhere.