Care World of Impact.

Connecting people with their impact.

There is no greater power than when millions of people come together behind a vision and act to change the world. To celebrate 70 years of helping people in their hour of greatest need, CARE asked us to build an interactive web application that showcases a ‘World of Impact.’

The result is a living record of the donations being made to CARE and the places where that money is creating lasting impact. Built with React, CARTO and D3, anyone can quickly see what, where and how their donations are changing the world.

A slide in time saves nine.

We were given a range of excellent datasets by CARE, each with a different temporal dimension and format. Donation data, for example, were points with daily timestamps while the impact data was served as times with a monthly stamp. To ensure a consistent and enjoyable experience, we pushed the rendering performance of softwares like CARTO and D3. Building on our experience with Global Forest Watch, we also wanted to build a timeslider to control the animation as well as filtering the data shown.

An evolution in design.

This project was as much a celebration of CARE’s origins as it was about the impact of today’s work. That’s why we added a subtle nod to the original CARE Package by giving the website a cardboard-like background. We’ve expressed CARE’s personality in the World of Impact map by using their traditional colours and typography but they also gave us the freedom to create a new interpretation of their brand style to reflect the evolution of the organisation. This was important to us because it means people will appreciate that the map is something new from CARE.

CARE's personality is reflected in the design of World of Impact — learn how.

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